About Acorn.work


has been helping companies build remote teams since 2018. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we launched a dedicated advisory service to help firms successfully transition their existing teams from in-office to remote

Our Story

Our founder Elliot Vermes was running redIQ, a start-up in New York City, while living in Atlanta and then Albany.  For seven years, Elliot would leave home early Monday mornings, work in New York until Thursday night, and then head home again. Elliot knew he was missing too much. “My kids were growing up and I wasn’t a part of it. I wasn’t seeing them for more than half their lives.’”

After Elliot sold his company, he was determined to find a way not to shortchange his relationship with his family or his career — and to transform the way we work in the process.

The result is Acorn.work, a business committed to remote employment. We practice what we preach—we have a fully-remote team. Now Elliot works from a home office, and is able to have dinner with his kids, and put them to bed. He still works long hours, but has found a way to be there for his family, too.

Our goal is to open up opportunities for millions of people all across the country by matching them with jobs that allow them to advance their careers while having the flexibility of working remotely.

Together, we can change the future of how we work and live.

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Case study – redIQ

As the founder of redIQ, I felt strongly that everyone needed to be in the same office to build a strong team culture.

But after spending over six months searching for a New York-based Director of Product Management, our new Board Director suggested someone he knew in Salt Lake City. Given my strong feelings about everyone being located in the same office, I was instinctively opposed to the suggestion. But I agreed to speak with the person he had recommended.

The candidate, Luke, blew me away—he was a total rockstar. So I bit the bullet and hired him.  It was a total game changer. Once I discovered how creative and productive distributed teams could be, I never looked back

Remote is Better

Acorn was founded by a far-flung team of experts scattered across the country who are passionate about helping
talented professionals achieve their career goals while having the flexibility of working remotely.

Better talent

With a greater number of available candidates and fewer firms to compete against, it is easier to hire more experienced and more talented employees.

Increased productivity

Remote work arrangements lead to greater productivity. Happy people are more energized and focused.

Higher retention

Employees who are happy in all aspects of their life are more satisfied and engaged with work. And those in smaller markets have fewer competing job options.

Lower cost

Employers can save 20-40% by hiring candidates who live in lower cost of living areas, even while paying more than the candidate would make locally.

Where does the name “Acorn” come from?

Elliot was searching for a company name, and, as he often does, turned to his wife for advice. Inspired by their son’s nickname Oak, she suggested Acorn. She explained, “You’re trying to take all these seeds of potential and grow them into mighty oak trees. And since this is about work and family, and Oak is our son, I think it works very well.”